Acts to Catch: Outlook 2012

Acts to Catch: Outlook 2012


With ‘Bax’ being one of the most recognised songs of 2011, the distinctive soulful sounds of Mosca are slowly taking the underground by storm. His first proceeds into the limelight were in 2010 with his remix of heartbeat by T.Williams, with its slow tempo (under 130 bpm) and smooth female vocals. Since then he has developed a name from himself with his stylishly funky beats and jazzy chords.


After starting his career at just 15 years old the producer has more than worked for his success that 2011 saw. Probably most recognised for ‘more than me’ the London based, but Leeds born, producer uses female vocals over haunting synths to captivate his listeners. With some of the best releases 2011 saw he is quickly rising to become one of the most respected of the underground scene at the moment.


One half of intra:mental and unmistakeably one of the best producers of the moment Boddika has the underground scene eating out the palms of his hand. There is an eairy twang to his tones and his beats are wonderfully strange. With ‘swims’ being one of the most played tracks the underground saw last year he has certainly earnt the respect of his latest releases, with friend Joy O, and they are more than enough to get everyone up and dancing.


A vibrant artist with a powerful remix of ‘Moloko’s – sing it back’ under his belt, this producer and recently formed DJ is one to watch out for. His first release ‘Tarantula’ – out on Lightworks was the foundation for the recent attention that has been laid on him, it is a weird combination of head-bopping beats and mellow synths but they work well and leave little response other than to move. Less publicly he has also been known to produce R&B, an example of which can be found on the B-side to his EP ‘Set the Tone’ – out on Hyperdub. A truly talented house producer, not to be missed.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The fresh sounds of Fantastic Mr Fox are those of a Manchester bedroom. His off key beats and diced melodies have toured with the likes of the XX and it is easy to see why he is so respected in the industry. ‘Evelyn’ – a mix of synths and almost hip hop beats is perhaps one of his most well known tracks, released in 2010 on the EP with an identical name, it creates movement and he is no stranger to getting this reaction from a crowd.


Formerly known as Jamie Vex’d he was the creator of one of the most magic touched albums of last year – ‘Severant’. It has a minimalist touch but remains atmospheric and quite beautiful. It is less funky than the other artists we have previously mentioned but there is an indefinite need to dance whilst his tracks play.


There is a certain authenticity to xxxy, a producer from Manchester, he has a classic sound ranging from garage to house with a slight ‘video game’ vibe. His single ‘you always start it’ is laced with rhythm and heart felt melodies. His music is advernterous and the reaction he has received in the past year is more than enough to get his 2012 projects in the limelight.

George Fitzgerald

Labelled by many the man to watch in 2012, George Fitzgerald is a combination of classic techno, house and RnB. His music is heartfelt and it is easy to see that he has put his soul into his work. The outcome is a lovely blend of rhythm and pretty melodies if not only to make you dance but certainly to make your head bop. ‘Fernweh’ is a good example of his classic chopped up female vocals and crisp beats.

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