Congo Natty

Congo Natty

featuring Iron Dread & Congo Dubz

Some people make a living from music but Rebel MC has dedicated a whole lifetime to his craft.

The Londoner first announced himself to the world as part of 80s hip hop/dance act Double Trouble alongside friends Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown, Leigh Guest and Michael Menson. That catapulted the name Rebel MC into homes up and down the country thanks to the releases of ‘Just Keep Rockin’ in 1989, which peaked in the UK top 20, before really hit the big time with ‘Street Tuff’, which reached number three in the charts.

Numerous appearances on national television followed, leading to the release of his first album project ‘Rebel Music’ in 1990. But while the ‘pop-rap’ style of the time reflected Rebel’s first foray into music, it was far from representative of what he wanted to achieve and the collaboration with Double Trouble was short-lived.

Instead, Rebel used his new-found success to allow him to concentrate his energies on music that was more representative of his background and influences. 1991 saw the release of his second album ‘Black Meaning Good’, which saw the fusion of the British underground hardcore techno sound of the early 90s with dub basslines to spectacular effect. The precursor to a style of music that eventually became known as Jungle, Rebel successfully integrated legendary reggae artists such as Dennis Brown, Tenor Fly and Barrington Levy into modern dance music, simultaneously introducing them to a whole new audience.

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