Digital Mystikz – Mala & Coki

Digital Mystikz – Mala & Coki

Digital Mystikz are dubstep producers from Norwood, South London and alongside Loefah and Sgt. Pokes, own the label DMZ, whilst promoting their own event of the same name, which used to take place in Brixton bimonthly.

Mala and Coki who make up the production due first began making music together whilst teenagers. John Peel was an early supporter of Digital Mystikz even putting them at #29 on his 2004 Top 50 list.
DMZ has been described as one of dubstep’s “most influential regular club nights” and “central to the scene”, with a pivotal moment when a queue 600 people strong forced the club to move itself to Mass’ main room.

Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs’ support of dubstep originated from her attendance of a night to DMZ, a club known for it’s powerful bass-a crucial element of dubstep. 2014 celebrates the 10 years since DMZ was born. Coki also ventures out on his own with his label Don’t Get It Twisted launched in September 2012. Together and individually, these 2 have had releases on Hyperdub, Soul Jazz Records, Honest Jon’s, Deep Medi Musik and then some!

DMZ fliers carry the slogan “Come meditate on bass weight” and we think why not do the same at Outlook?

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