Hailing from Leeds, Finwa’s first introduction to bass music culture came from sneaking into West Indian Centre back in 2006, hungry to seek out the already legendary Subdub club nights. The metamorphic experience of feeling Iration Steppas Sound System for the first time has been dually noted as an epiphany moment for many of today’s best-known selectors and producers, and was certainly a defining moment for Finwa.

After further delving into the newly emerged Dubstep scene, Finwa began obsessively buying records from specialist shop Tribe, where Leeds prodigal son and Subdub founder Simon Scott picked up on his keen eye and enthusiasm for music. Within weeks he was working at Tribe, and it was here that he received an in depth education in Sound System culture, as well as a thirst for the newly emerging bass mutations coming out of the UK at the time.

Finwa’s newly found knowledge then granted him a regular slot on Leeds pirate station, Radio Frequency, which at the time housed residencies from little known DJ’s Ben UFO and Midland. In carving out his own radio show, Finwa was really able to hone his skills on the decks, and rapidly went from being ‘the lad behind the counter’ in Tribe, to a formidable DJ force within the scene.
After a few one off sets in Room 2 at Subdub, in which Finwa would often conjure more energy than the headliners, he was granted official residency at Subdub and Exodus, playing alongside the likes of Mala and Coki as well as new generation talent such as Kahn and Commodo.

Now residing in London, Finwa continues to push the sound forward, exploring the wider aspects of bass music that have allowed him to forge his own signature style, excavating hidden gems and blending them with outsider oddities. Whether he’s touring internationally for Outlook and Dimensions, or taking it back to his roots at the West Indian Centre, Finwa will continue to demolish dance floors and put legendary sound systems through their paces whilst firming a tight grip on the beacon for underground bass music.

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