Pioneer, graffiti artist, drum ‘n’ bass icon, DJ, actor and producer.

Goldie is a total original, a multi-talented complex shape shifter, who’s sold more than 2.5 million records worldwide. His boundless creativity has transformed an underground British sound into a mainstream international movement, whilst collaborating with major pop icons along the way.

His infamous Sunday sessions at the Blue Note, saw people come from all around the world to dance all night to his sets. The night was a massive hit, all whilst Goldie worked on the growth of the now infamous Drum and Bass label Metalheadz and creating an album which to this day, is as it is titled, “Timeless”!

Goldie recently re-recorded his gold album “Timeless”, with the national youth orchestra, choir and a dynamic ensemble, taking it on tour to festivals worldwide.

There aren’t many creative individuals as all-rounded as Goldie – and his on stage sets encompass all of his passion, knowledge and experience in an explosive and hypnotic performance unlike any other.

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