High Focus Records

High Focus Records

High Focus has one aim – to resurrect the legacy of UK hip hop.

High Focus Records was established in 2010 to offer a platform for a new generation of rappers & producers in the UK. With support from all of the major hip hop promoters, distributors, magazines and websites in the country, you can expect a steady flow of diverse releases, live showcases, videos and virals in the future from the artists on our roster.

Dirty Dike: Having toured the globe multiple times with one of the most rambunctiously explosive rap shows ever to hit the face of UK Hip Hop, it really is all or nothing when it comes to the one they call Mr Dikestar. He never has been one for half measures in either his booze drink selection or music making. In an age where everyone thinks they can rap, Dike’s dedication to this thing called hip hop is as driven and focussed as you will ever see from anyone daring to call themselves a lyricist.

Fliptrix has been rhyming since he was a kid, he’s been performing ever since the doormen would let him into Speakers Corner and his impact on UKHH is as significant as his songs are adventurous and eye-opening.

The London born lyricist has one of the most electrifying live performances in the game and plies his trade as a solo artist (Fliptrix), as one quarter of acclaimed outfit The Four Owls (Big Owl) and as Managing Director of High Focus Records (Zander). As you can probably gather, he is a busy guy, secure your live show today!

Ed Scissor: A key player in the Brit rap renaissance, renowned live performer, acclaimed wordsmith and expert storyteller, Scissortongue’s development tessellates strongly with his ever-blossoming relationship with Glasgow-based producer Lamplighter. The pair have developed into one of the key partnerships in the alt-rap soundscape ever since their debut ‘Better.Luck.Next.Life’ was released to critical acclaim back in 2012 (even though they rarely find themselves in the same room as one another).

DJ Sammy B-Side: Regularly murdering DJ sets and live shows with his CP, SMB and HF teams all over the UK, from Europe to Australia and beyond, DJ Sammy B-Side has fully cemented himself the go-to UK Hip Hop Disk Jockeys of his generation. Tirelessly touring, lacing cuts and flying the flag for home-grown music the globe over, this DJ is unquestionably about it. Ask anyone, they will tell you.

Molotov: Piff Highway Traveller . Beat Maker . Verifier. Bad Ass Muh’ Fucka.

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