Logan Sama

Logan Sama is Britain’s best loved grime DJ. He currently hosts a show on KISS FM every Monday at 1am and plays all the latest grime tunes. Logan’s career has gone from strength to strength after starting out on pirate radio stations, such as Plush FM and Rinse FM to hosting the biggest grime show on KISS and running his own record labels, ‘Adamantium Music’, and ‘Earth616’. Logan’s show sets him apart with his mix of both live and recorded acts, he is also known for being the first DJ to play an artist song. P Diddy and Skepta’s, ‘ Hello Good Morning’, was first played by Logan Sama and a record number of listeners tuned in to hear the smash hit. Logan Sama is highly respected within the grime scene and has earned his place as being the one of if not the best grime dj’s. To give his listeners an insight to what happens during his shows, Logan records them and uploads them on to Youtube for his fans to see. Aside from hosting his show Logan has released several grime mixtapes, ‘Oneaway Style’,and, ‘War Report’, being 2 of his most successful. If you love grime then Logan Sama will be no stranger to you!!!

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