Manchester Outlookers

Manchester Outlookers

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be previewing some of the heads who are going to be gracing the stages – and boats – at Outlook. Stick with us and you should be completely prepared for a weekend of mayhem when that September weekend finally does arrive.

We thought we’d kick off with a run down of Manchester’s finest to set the scene.


Paddy has been a name up north for a while.  I first knew him for his releases on the now defunct Subsonik Records label.  Now a couple of years later he’s signed to Kryptic Minds’ Osiris imprint with an album forthcoming.   Biome doesn’t fuck about when it comes to putting absolute Bassness into his productions. He uses no less than 4 articulated 18 wheeler lorries rigged up to a fisher price tape recorder.

Broke ‘n’ £nglish 

With well over a thousand raps under their belt (not including DRS’ DELAY) and fresh back from nearly a decade squandering their wealth in Miami, Serbia and Gorton they are ready to bombard you with a plethora of words said really quickly.  Their newly relaunched label Estate UK has been smashing it so far this year as well.


Fuelled on Chicken and Heineken CHIMPO is 9 foot tall weighs 453.7 LBs and comes from atop the monkey man mountain of the Nicaraguan jungle in Chorlton. His beard grows at an average rate of 4.6 MPH and he is officially sponsored by Heineken on a full 720 degree deal. All of his discography is carved from hardened banana skin nectar, which is the only way to capture his trademark shuffle.

Dub Phizix 

An expert, pioneer and shareholder of Fruity Loops Studio, Dub Phizix has produced more than 11 tunes from his handmade studio situated in a crisp box by the canal in Gorton. He provided the samples for Skeptical and Strategy’s critically acclaimed disco anthem “Marka”.  He will be shipping his full collection of minidiscs out to Croatia by carrier pigeon – he only trusts them with his dubs -.  But you’ll have to be quick to catch him because he will be leaving early to attend the world Fruity Loops Gala in Helsinki where he will be holding a Q and A alongside other great musicians such as Aqua, the Proclaimers and H from Steps.

Marcus Intalex 

The son of audio equipment god Rupert Neve Marcus Intalex was told to leave Burnley at the tender of 16 armed only with a set of Swarovsky varifocals, 4 golf clubs and a copy of ‘Incredible’ by General Levy. Marcus Intalex went on to dominate the often overlooked festival of hedonism and rock and roll that was 90’s liquid drum and bass.


Devastating Rhyme Specialist as his name suggests needs no introduction. The proud owner of 7 turtles, DRS has built a solid reputation in the business over the last 34 years and his mic skills are second to none.

Rich Reason

Cambridge born promoter / owner of Manchester’s weekly shindig “Just Metroplatoon’s Juicy Murkage Project on a Budget SKANK” at “The really moho mint swagger mansion insitute 251” has ruined the education of many university students since its inception and ultimately costed us all as we face a massive downturn in society in the forthcoming two decades.


Already planning his spray tan for Outlook after a six month spa visit on a strict diet of spinach salad, volavons and fine plum wine Strategy will be in rare form for Outlook 2012.  Rumour has it he has just been cast in a new western blockbuster alongside clint eastwood entitled “Is this your Isseymiyake Dark Rum on the rocks? RAH”


Although a proud racist, Skittles is committed to breaking down racial barriers and bringing people together with a combination of sharp wordplay and calming watercolours. The release of his album ”Poor With £100 Trainers’ in February 2012 has done a lot to ease rascal tension across the world.

Words by James of Example Magazine

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