Serum Outlook Mix & Interview

Serum Outlook Mix & Interview

Combining hard graft, DJ’ing and production, Serum has become one of the most prolific drum and bass producers over the last ten years. Mixing vintage jungle and futuristic modern jump, Serum’s music has a very widespread appeal, his tracks gaining attention from big brands such as Dread, Creative Source, Grid and Digital Soundboy and V, as well as many of the scene’s freshest up and coming labels.

We caught up with him for a chat and an exclusive Outlook mix:

First of all tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m a London based DJ and producer and have been making and playing D&B for around 14 years. I’m mostly known for making the classic jungle style but with a modern twist.

What can we expect to hear from you Outlook 2012?

I’ll be playing on the Audio Warfare stage and boat party this year and will be in full summer mode! Expect a lot of my own productions, along with tracks from the V Recordings and Dread camp, but also a wide selection of other material with plenty of surprises and classics thrown in.

Have you got any releases in the pipeline?

As always I’ve got a lot on the way. I’ve been working on tracks for David Boomah’s album on V which should be dropping soon. I’ve also got a 12 coming out on Dread shortly (Deadly Venom / Prototype) and tracks on the Drum & Bass Arena, CIA and Chronic Albums. On top of that I’m working on a shedload of remixes and tracks with longtime collaborators Bladerunner and Northern Lights. It’s all go!

What are you looking forward to the most about playing Outlook?

The good weather, good vibes and a chance to play out to a wicked crowd but also let my hair down. It’s a great social event for producers so I’ll be spending plenty of time catching up with the heads.

Is there anybody else on the line up that you want to catch?

I’ll be spending a lot of time at the Audio Warfare stage and catching a lot of the D&B acts but I’m also keen to catch artists like Girl Unit, T Williams, Boddika, Zed Bias and Mosca that I don’t normally get to see.

How do you think the heat will affect your music selection?

When the sun comes out it’s all about more uplifting music, and reggae definitely doesn’t go amiss. I’m working on plenty of reggae based vocal tracks at the moment with artists such as Northern Lights, Deebo General, Benny Page & Mr Williams, Spyda and David Boomah, so I’ll have plenty of summer ammo!

Are there any new artists that you know about that you think we should check out?

Whilst they’re not exactly new, I don’t feel that Bladerunner or Steppa & Kitcha have got the recognition they deserve so anyone who hasn’t should definitely give them a listen. In terms of newer names, I’ll go for my good pals Coda and Explicit who I think will launch themselves into the scene this year. To be fair, a lot of the artists I grew up on will be new to the average raver these days so I’d also recommend that any new D&B listeners get to know their history as well.

Mix Tracklist

01. Serum & David Boomah – Soundboy Robber – V Recordings

02. Sub Zero – Your Flex – Playaz

03. Dillinja – Gangsta (Serum Remix) – Philly Blunt

04. DJ Coda – Shodan – Audio Danger

05. DJ Stretch – Papa Lover (Serum Dark Remix) – Dub

06. Serum – Strings Tune – Dub

07. Mampi Swift – Second Strike – True Playaz

08. Congo Natty – Get Ready (Serum & Northern Lights Remix) – Congo Natty

09. Bladerunner & Explicit – Invincible Fist – Dub
10. Total Science – Whoonga – CIA

11. Serum – Control – Dub
12. Savage Rehab – Desire – V Recordings

13. Explicit – Class of 1999 – Dub

14. Serum – Crackdown – Dub

15. Bladerunner – Love Is Gone – Philly Blunt

16. Serum & Northern Lights – Get Mash Up – Audio Warfare

17. DJ Die & Break – Deep Search – Digital Soundboy

18. Serum – Prototype – Dread

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