Soom T

Soom T

Soom T is the Glaswegian dynamo with an exceptional vocal talent. She beholds a quirky yet highly distictive voice with strong political and spiritual viewpoint permeating her intelligent poetic writings. Over the past ten years, this prolific Indo-Scot has generated a cult following with fans eager to commute from various countries to witness her rare public appearances.

She has already amassed 40 record releases since 1999 with countless collaborations including Monkeytribe, The Orb, T.Raumschmiere, King Creosote, Miss Kittin, Puppetmastaz, Jazz.K.Lippa, Potentz, Tolcha, DJ Maxximus, DJ Yoda and Bus, as well as remixes from the likes of Asian Dub Foundation (unreleased), Pole and Techno Animal (as ‘Sub Species’) cementing Soom T’s position as an innovator within originally developed musical disciplines.

Her current projects include recordings with Scottish Reggae soundsystem masters, Mungo’s Hi fi, gypsy rock 8 piece The Burns Unit, Prodigy-esqe co-produced project No Step with ex-Senser producer and production partner Hagos (with whom Soom T owns and runs the label No Step Productions).

On recording several tracks with Disrupt (with releases as both Soom T & Disrupt and The Source) and fellow label mates Maffi, Soom T discovered a production vibe undoubtedly suited to her progressive vocal output and vowed to dedicate to the new found sound known simply as Digital Laptop Reggae. With a bundle of European shows with Disrupt and several riotous crowd churning sets having left a firm imprint on European audiences, the Jahtari and Soom T marriage looks set to become a union of legendary proportions.

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