Supa Academy

Supa Academy

Outlook is proud to support Supa Academy.

We invite all our fans aged 18-24 year-old, with an interest in enterprise and business, to get involved in this amazing campaign over Easter weekend:

What is Supa Academy?

Our mission at Supa Academy is to provoke curiosity, build confidence and develop skills in teenagers and young adults taking their first steps in enterprise. We engage them with enterprise education by creating real life opportunities where young people can earn while learning about business. Through an applied and vested learning model and through stimulating advice (by way of firsthand, honest and insightful stories) from established business leaders, we are taking people on an exciting pre-enterprise journey; getting them ready, willing and able.

What is happening over Easter Weekend?

On Friday 3rd April and Saturday 4th April, 100 Supa Partners will have the opportunity to interact with leading business experts, take part in team challenges and sell exclusive products including Outlook Festival tickets and Majestic apparel, both online and offline.

On Friday, the Supa Partners will undergo a day of informative panels, ​‘What Does It Take To Be an Entrepreneur’​and ​‘Mastering Trade’​with business leaders such as Sherry Coutu, Lily Lapenna and Denizer Ibrahim, as well as interactive Apprentice­style team challenges. On Saturday, the e­commerce teams will be responsible for selling festival/concert tickets and the physical commerce teams will be responsible for selling Majestic clothing, food from the Mother Clucker truck, Cakes & Shakes in either of the following locations; Backyard Market, Old Spitalfields, Brixton Market, Camden Market and a pop­up space in Soho.

Want more information?

Check the Supa Academy website and keep an eye on their social channels for updated info over Easter Weekend: Facebook | Twitter.


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